At Giant Media, we believe there is value in information. As such we think it’s best for your video advertising campaign that we give you access and visibility to as much information as possible in the planning phase, before you spend a single dime. While YouTube is undoubtedly a powerful advertising tool, its true power is unlocked when the surrounding data becomes accessible to your business.

Webster’s Dictionary defines transparency as “the quality or state of being transparent,” but the best way to define true transparency is to set up a scenario that can show the unparalleled pre-bid transparency far above and beyond the insights offered by YouTube alone. Since it’s May and your author is from Indiana, let’s make this a campaign to own an event like the Indianapolis 500 on YouTube. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

In this campaign, Giant Media’s VuePlanner® technology’s artificial intelligence and brand suitability scoring (VueScore®) have been leveraged to strategically place your ad in front of the content sought out by folks that enjoy cars screaming around a speedway at 220 mph. This content is presented to you in the form of a “collection.” While simply curating this list is in itself valuable, the benefits of transparency kick in next. The following lists some of the information VuePlanner® can show you, before any bids are placed.

Now you know more about the list of videos identified as relevant to your brand, message, and campaign. That 180 second video of a car trying to break the sound barrier with 100k views and positive engagement? That works. The video published by that creator known for publishing only crash videos? VuePlanner’s® Placement Scanner shows some thumbnail screenshots that look a bit intense. Let’s exclude their channel altogether, we want videos that are brand suitable. All videos with a duration of less than 10 seconds? Those won’t work. Car races are fast, but that’s not a good ad-to-content ratio.

And now our curated collection is forecast to have 127 million views from 27 thousand videos over the next 30 days. That’s something to build a campaign around!

Transparency optimizes curation. A Webster’s dictionary portmanteau listing for what Giant Media provides would be “transation.” Transparency + curation = are you with me?

YouTube offers Video ID and Video URL; helpful, but a far cry from the ‘transation’ Giant Media offers your campaign.

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