83% lift in ad recall. 146% achievement of eCPV KPI. 94% overall completion rate. Do those sound like good results? Maybe it would help to have more context. Prepare yourself for a collection of short stories more compelling than William Shakespeare’s First Folio as we look into a few recent Giant Media customer success stories.

1. Contextual Targeting Delivers Highly Engaged Audience

Client: State Agriculture Board

Campaign Objective:

  • Reach client’s target audience of Millennial Parents
  • Drive visits to campaign landing page


Do you like statistics?  This campaign leveraged Giant Media’s YouTube targeting solution, VuePlanner®, to build contextually relevant, custom video collections containing high-quality, brand-suitable content. Targeting toward these collections delivered YouTube views 38% above the guaranteed amount, reflected a 93.74% overall completion rate on Connected TV, achieved 104% of the set impressions goal and resulted in a 41.5% overall view through rate (double the industry benchmark). Statistics!

Also, Giant Media’s VuePlanner® targeting and access to an abundance of connected TV devices and networks meant the client ran across the most premium environments, and those most relevant to their target audience.

2. Custom Video Collections Reach Target Gamers

Client: Video Game Publisher

Campaign Objective:

Generate awareness and excitement surrounding the announcement of an upcoming game release across 3 target audiences on YouTube: current fans of the game; lapsed users; potential new users.


Giant Media’s VuePlanner® technology was leveraged to develop three custom video content collections to reach each target audience. Activation of contextual targeting served video ads when viewers were in the ideal mindset to engage with them. This strategy ensured relevant, brand-suitable distribution.

Video games are in essence an achievement-oriented medium where completing certain tasks or quests unlocks secret missions. Appropriately, this campaign delivered a 146% achievement of the eCPV KPI benchmark. Key benefits of the campaign also included:

  • Targeting against VuePlanner® video collections kept game release content in front of the 3 key audience segments
  • Conquesting other gaming content allowed the brand to elevate their release above competitors
  • With a 39.7% view through rate and 210,000+ added-value views, the campaign drove significant brand awareness

3. Brand Lift Across Specialized Target Audiences

Client: Financial Investment Platform

Campaign Objective:

Promote awareness and drive consideration among target niche audience segments:  Adults 65+; users in-market for financial services; avid investors;  those with an expressed interest in Banking & Finance.


For this campaign, Giant Media utilized a two-pronged approach leveraging both YouTube and Outstream video distribution to reach viewers across multiple outlets. Our methodology was as follows:

  • Custom video collections were developed to reach core audiences across YouTube – including Personal Investment & Finance, Business & News, Technology, and Sports
  • 3rd party data segments were activated and delivery was focused across brand-safe & relevant websites for Outstream delivery
  • A Google Brand Lift Study & Nielsen Digital Brand Effect Study were leveraged to measure brand lift

Finance is inherently numeric, so let’s take a look at some hard statistics that were generated by the campaign:

  • VuePlanner® delivered a 42.5% viewthrough rate and a 62% lift in ad recall
    • CTV drove the highest lift across ad recall and purchase intent at 171% and 64% respectively
  • Outstream delivered an 80% completion rate and a 26.5% lift in purchase intent
  • Viewers with 5-9 exposures exhibited a 47.4% lift in purchase intent


That’s a lot of numbers, but the numbers never lie. Your business could be the next Giant Media success story. No matter your KPI, no matter where in the funnel you are, we will deliver success. Ready to get started?