We’re in the midst of the NBA and NHL playoffs. Every night, athletes are competing for the glory that comes with a championship. As such, you may have been periodically checking the scores of your favorite team. While not all of us at Giant Media are professional athletes, we care a lot about scores as well, in fact they are paramount to the VuePlanner® experience. Today we are going to teach you how we calculate a VueScore®.

First, what is a VueScore®?

VueScore® is a proprietary rating that our VuePlanner® technology assigns to each video in a curated YouTube collection. Brand suitability and contextual relevance are of the utmost importance to us, so we use four general categories to make up our quality metric. Then with some assistance from YouTube data, machine learning algorithms, and advanced internal Boolean logic uniquely created for each campaign, we get a VueScore®. The VueScore® for each video lands between 1-100; the higher the score the better. Just like a basketball game.

What are the data categories?


Engagement is the measure of a viewer’s intent to interact with content, weighted toward user comments, likes and dislikes.


Scale measures the forecasted reach with a focus on discovering trends and virality.


Sentiment identifies attitudes, opinions or feelings within video content and scores that emotional response.


Relevance is a deterministic algorithm based on how closely video content aligns with the keyword targeting and logic of the segmented collection rulesets. In other words, this component of the score is relative to the collection it’s found in.  So, the same video will have a different relevancy VueScore® depending on the collection it has been built into.

Through these four categories we are able to distill down the entirety of YouTube into one easy to understand score to qualify YouTube videos for your campaign. Leveraging VueScores® to build out your campaign with VuePlanner® helps to ensure you are targeting engaging, scalable, positive, relevant content. It’s just another of the many tools, such as our forecast tool, that helps you receive the largest return on ad spend (ROAS).

We love good value here at Giant Media, like a 5th round pick that goes to the Hall of Fame. With VueScores® that value will be much easier to find as you build your campaigns and receive all the benefits of contextually relevant advertising.

Click here to learn more about using VuePlanner® and VueScore® in conjunction with YouTube advertising.