“Conquesting.” If you work in advertising, you’re familiar. It’s not even actually a word (by dictionary standards, at least) but it’s a known strategy in our world, nonetheless; the positioning of your ads adjacent to content about a direct competitor. It’s a bit of a trojan horse effect. Someone that goes searching for content on YouTube about your biggest rival gets served with your video ad, reinforcing awareness for your brand while also usurping some value from your opponent.

VuePlanner®, Giant Media contextual ad targeting technology, can be leveraged to ensure optimal execution of an impactful conquesting strategy on YouTube. Let’s walk through how it works with a little story about competitive citrus.

At Giant Media, we’re big fans of clementines. Some people prefer mandarins, oranges, tangerines or even grapefruit. These people are wrong and have questionable taste buds as the clementine is clearly the superior fruit. But let’s say “Clementine Farmers of America” (not a real organization) engaged with us to win market share from “BIG TANGERINE” (also not a real organization). One strategy to implement in accomplishing this would be conquesting (still not a real word), optimized by VuePlanner.®

Using VuePlanner®, our team of content targeting experts would curate YouTube video collections built from targeted keywords and phrases. Resulting videos in these collections would be super relevant to tangerines, with high VueScores® (brand suitable fruit videos, only). Our team of YouTube ad experts would then combine this VuePlanner® collection data with Google platform targeting to deliver your campaign. Adjacent to all things tangerine would then  be ads of children peeling clementines, juggling clementines, fitting them snugly in their lunchboxes due to their appealing size. There could be ads of a woman named Clementine, eating a clementine while singing the song “Oh my Darlin’ Clementine.” Our targeting would so precisely influence the right person at the right time that anyone seeking sweet tangerine content would then leave their house whistling an American Western standard while en route to pick up a three-pound bag of…

You guessed it: clementines.

By using this strategy of disrupting your rivals, a brand can gain a competitive edge and lean in on a subliminal advantage. Our team will then monitor performance and optimize throughout the campaign flight to deliver across all your KPIs.

Conquesting is taking contextual advertising to the next level because sometimes you don’t want to just beat the competition, you want to conquer it.

To learn how to set up your conquesting campaign through VuePlanner®, click here.