E3 (more formally, the Electronic Entertainment Expo) is just about a month away. The biggest video game event of the year coincides with schools getting out and a lot of consumers wondering what is on the horizon for the largest game publishers in the world. Yes, E3 is Christmas to the gaming industry. 70,000 developers, manufacturers and fans will flood downtown Los Angeles to experience the future of gaming. Where will Link’s adventures take him next? What kind of trouble has Mario gotten into lately? And, most importantly, what will be the hot new gift this holiday season?

But E3 isn’t only about the folks attending the show, it’s about the millions around the world that tune in online with bated breath — hoping to hear their dream announcements come to fruition.  If a marketer had ever wanted to target a large and engaged audience of gaming enthusiasts, look no further.

Advertising around a conference isn’t a novel idea, but with VuePlanner® you have more targeting power, real-time optimization capabilities, and transparency into your spend than ever before.

How VuePlanner® Works

Essentially, VuePlanner® is a proprietary technology developed here at Giant Media that enables contextual advertising through content targeting on YouTube. The tool can be utilized as a SaaS platform by your internal team, as a full-service solution where our team of specialists handle every element of the campaign, or even something in the middle – we’re happy to customize our service to suit your unique needs.

Regardless of the solution type, the process steps are similar. Keywords and phrases are entered into VuePlanner® to generate a list of curated, relevant YouTube videos. Using the E3 opportunity highlighted above, an E3 list could include terms related to interviews, demos, presentations, gameplay, and more from the vent (think: conquesting…).  Because we believe in transparency, we allow you to drill down to the most granular level, viewing the URL of every video in your list. Video collections can be reviewed and refined by adjusting video publish date, engagement minimums and optional content categories.

But this is where we get even more transparent to enhance your planning…

What’s the Forecast?

Once a collection of videos is saved, a simple click of “Collection Forecast” initiates a process where our technology runs against this content list to generate the total number of anticipated views available for purchase across the YouTube platform over the next 30 days. Looking for visibility into the scale of your campaign? This provides it.

There is so much awesome stuff on the radar this year with E3: Modern Warfare 4, Final Fantasy 7’s long awaited remake, more Pokemon, a new Halo…the next Xbox? The anticipation around Los Angeles is buzzing and certainly there is a golden opportunity to own E3 on YouTube. In fact, our team of YouTube ad experts curated over 22k E3-relevant videos that—according to the forecasting tool available in VuePlanner®—are projected to have over 74 million views over the next 30 days. When you then factor in the real-time monitoring of that collection and subsequent updates as new videos are added (features of our service), that scale just increases. For E3, we’re able to use our combination of people and technology to project a 175% growth of those 74 million views over the course of the event. Events like these are massive opportunities, and if you miss out… well, game over.

Want to try it out? Good! Follow these steps.

  1. Head to http://app.vueplanner.com to set up a FREE account
  2. Create a new collection – it will be built based on keywords you enter and return highly relevant content with quality VueScores®
  3. Click “Collection Forecast” to view a projection of how many cumulative views the videos in that collection will have in the next 30 days

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