In Marketing and Advertising, we talk a lot about funnels. The Sales Funnel, the Marketing Funnel, the Lead Generation Funnel, the Purchase Funnel. There are several ways to refer to the process of moving a customer through the buyer’s journey, but the visualization is consistent – the upside-down triangle, broken out into stages. Typically, and at the highest level, these stages are Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. You may be responsible for driving results in all 3 of these areas or be laser-focused on just one. You have your specific goals and you’ll be measured by your defined KPIs. There are myriad strategies, tactics, and tools that can be applied to deliver results in each stage but few that holistically drive success throughout. At Giant Media, however, we built our platform of solutions to provide full-funnel support to our clients. Let’s dive in to see how.


OK, you have a new business, service, or product and you need to get the word out. Video advertising is a great tool for raising brand awareness and share of voice, especially on YouTube. As the second largest search engine (2 billion users per month) it’s an ecosystem with massive reach. Need a lot of impressions? YouTube will deliver them. Reporting on views? Lots of eyeballs to go around there. However, if your KPI in the “Awareness” stage is to increase ad recall, your ad needs to reach an audience that’s not just large, but relevant. VuePlanner®– Giant Media’s proprietary, AI-powered technology for identifying the most contextually relevant and brand suitable content on YouTube–will target known-quality, high-volume, high-subscriber count channels with content as closely aligned to your messaging as possible to deliver your ads against. Brand awareness is great, but awareness from qualified buyers is better. (Plus, we can also deliver your targeted ads on YouTube through Connected TV–the fasted growing entertainment medium—for even more reach.)


Now we’re slightly down the funnel and looking to utilize informative and product-focused creative that yields high completion rates. Instream video delivery across premium publishers will drive brand interest with high-impact, targeted placement.  Our proprietary keyword, entity and sentiment machine learning algorithms help ensure reach to consumers interacting with brand suitable, relevant content. Pre and mid-roll placement in skippable and non-skippable formats results in strong purchase intent from a captive audience, motivated to watch through video completion. Used in combination with VuePlanner®’s ability to curate precision YouTube collections that ensure reach to the most relevant audience, Instream placement on the open web will further improve collective return on ad spend with high success rates in increasing consideration of purchase.


Game time. It’s time to push that prospect to purchase. Using VuePlanner® on YouTube will result in lower cost per qualified action (CPQA) through precise, hyper-targeted collections that deliver lift of lower funnel metrics and purchase intent by reaching the right person, at the right time. Curated video collections through VuePlanner® also enable customers to run in front of relevant competitor content with custom collections targeting specific competitor brands and products–leveraging the intent-based nature of the platform. Outstream native video ad placement can then further drive engagement with user-first viewing experiences and unique functionality aligned to premium content, sourced and placed by a dedicated team of specialists. Designed to generate action, our exclusive stand-alone video units include branded top banner integration for the duration of video ads and full screen end cards to reinforce messaging and provide strong CTAs. Custom interactive units also provide the opportunity to showcase multiple content pieces at once to drive further engagement and, ultimately, sales.

So there you have it, the different strategies that you can employ with Giant Media for driving results throughout the customer journey – from optimized reach to qualified actions that deliver sales.

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