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Is Digital the New Traditional?


AS TV VIEWERS FLOCK TO DIGITAL, SO SHOULD ADVERTISERS Many Americans are cutting the cord, and plugging it back into other devices. The number of U.S. households that stream over-the-top video using a subscription video on demand service has risen to 57%, according to a new report from Leichtman Research Group. Networks are fending off [...]

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Benefits of Outstream Video Advertising


Although In-stream is currently the dominant choice for video advertising, due to the benefits and advantages of Outstream video ads, this is changing. Instream’s popularity is largely due to the fact that it’s been around the longest. Outstream video is still a new concept that is slowly gaining steam. A lot of agencies and brands [...]

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What is Outstream Video?


What is Outstream video? It's a new, superior video advertising format. It is different than In-stream which is currently the most popular video ad format. In this article, you'll learn about the two. We'll cover the main pros and cons of both In-stream and Outstream video ads. In-stream or Outstream Video Advertising? I have no [...]

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In Digital Advertising, You Get What You Pay For


A guy walks in to his doctor’s office and says, “Help, my brother thinks he’s a chicken.” The doctor replies, “Why don’t you turn him in?” The man replies, “Because I need the eggs.” This joke – which famously bookends Woody Allen’s Annie Hall as an encapsulation of our need for romantic love – is [...]

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Meet Us at in NYC? Here’s How


Join Giant Media October 26th & 27th in New York City for PROGRAMMATIC I/O. AdExchanger’s PROGRAMMATIC I/O is the original and the world’s largest conference dedicated to the programmatic media and marketing industry. We will not only be in attendance but would love to set up a meeting with you! Drop us a line using the form [...]

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Giant Media’s Guide to Maximizing IBM World of Watson


Along with 20,000 fellow data enthusiasts, Giant Media is going to "Unleash the power of data, analytics and cognitive" at IBM World of Watson 2016, October 24–27 in Las Vegas. With a 4 day agenda crammed full of opportunity, we thought it would be helpful to highlight a few great sessions to attend: The Cognitive [...]

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Why Smaller Influencers Are Better Than Big Ones


There are many instances in digital advertising in which quantity trumps quality. With a click-through-rate of 0.1% for instance, it makes sense to run thousands of banner ads rather than one. On the other hand, you generally don’t magnify the effect of influencer marketing by finding an influencer with a large following. In many cases, [...]

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Outstream Leader, Giant Media, Adds Another Industry Veteran to Sales Team


Superior video advertising company, Giant Media, today announced the addition of digital advertising veteran, Andrew Klopp, to its outstream video and native advertising sales team. Giant continues to support its impressive growth by adding seasoned sales talent to meet strong demand in the largest advertising markets across the country. "I'm excited to join the growing [...]

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Why Programmatic is Eating the Ad World


There are some things that humans do better than machines. Finding creative solutions to problems, making unusual mental connections and offering deep empathy come to mind.  Then there are things like buying and selling media, where computers do a much better job than humans.  That explains the rise of programmatic advertising over the past few years. [...]

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What Exactly Is Outstream?


The digital advertising industry is one driven by jargon. We all seem to speak a secret language that outsiders can’t understand. The challenge, however, is that the marketing landscape is evolving really, really quickly. Given the speed at which companies in that ad industry are changing, it’s important that we take a step back and [...]

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