Pop quiz! What’s the second largest search engine on the internet?

  1. Bing
  2. Yahoo
  3. Baidu
  4. Ask Jeeves

Trick Question! The answer is YouTube. With respect to many of the large players from the 90s, today over 2 billion people are searching YouTube’s extensive library for content each month, and this presents a massive opportunity for VuePlanner® to enhance SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

VuePlanner® was built to identify contextually relevant placements for video advertising on YouTube. However, the technology can also be leveraged to improve AdWords display targeting–unlocking precise audiences at a more efficient cost-per-lead than general search results.  Here are 6 benefits VuePlanner® offers to SEM campaigns.

  1. Relevant, brand suitable targeting

VuePlanner® enables you to increase relevance and improve performance of your display ads by planning placements down to the individual video URL with AI that curates available inventory for contextual relevance.  Collections are built from targeted keywords and phrases and then shared with you for review of relevancy and brand suitability.

  1. 100% share of voice

When using VuePlanner®, your ads appear beside hand-curated, contextually relevant YouTube video content–driving higher performance at lower CPCs.

  1. High-quality content targeting

When VuePlanner® is utilized, the entirety of YouTube is distilled down to four key elements, calculated into one easy-to-understand score to qualify videos for your campaign. These “VueScores®” are the result of analysis of content relevance, engagement, scale and sentiment for optimal contextual alignment and brand suitability.

  1. Strategic Visibility

Using VuePlanner® to leverage the world’s 2nd largest search engine as an SEM source enables you to break through ad gridlock because you can find the most relevant audiences, in the right mindset (ex: “how-to” content).

  1. Competitor Conquesting

Our VuePlanner®-curated video collections allow brands to run their ad creative against relevant competitor content (not just outspend their search ads) – with custom collections utilized to target specific competitor brands and products.

So, there you have it! 5 ways Giant Media and VuePlanner® can positively impact Search Engine Marketing. Now all you need to do get started with an account to enable VuePlanner® to deliver these results for your brand(s) today.