Lots of posts on this blog deal with strategy on how to best position your brand for success on YouTube. After all, we are experts at targeting and delivering your ads to the most impactful video content possible. Today, we’re putting our money where our mouth is to showcase how we drove significant results for a large auto brand.

The Giant Media team recently had the opportunity to support one of our clients in their effort to return stronger lower-funnel YouTube campaign metrics. (As we’ve said before, awareness is great, but awareness from qualified buyer’s is better.) Because of the technology’s ability to optimize performance at every stage of the customer journey, VuePlanner® was utilized to identify the most contextually relevant placements for the allocated spend. The result was a significant reduction in cost per qualified action (CPQA) on YouTube.

How did VuePlanner® achieve this?

Precise, hyper-focused collections featuring content relevant to the Auto brand (with quality VueScores®) were built from targeted keywords. Giant Media’s YouTube ad experts then combined VuePlanner® collection data with Google platform targeting. After launch, performance was monitored and optimized throughout the campaign flight to deliver lift of lower funnel metrics and purchase intent by reaching the right person, at the right time.

An insights report was then developed after the campaign, showcasing:

  • Percent of delivery within automotive and vehicles content (spoiler alert: it was high)
  • Percent of delivery against mismatched content (spoiler alert: it was low)
  • Percent of delivery against music, kids and gaming (the majority of the YouTube ecosystem falls into one of these verticals; this content was not aligned to the target audience) (spoiler alert: it was low)

And the big one…

  • Percent improvement in cost per qualified action (CPQA)

Interested in the hard numbers? Check out our full case study, HERE to learn more about how we can replicate these results for your brand.