The beach crowds are shrinking, the community pools on their last splashes, kids are headed back to school, and somehow it’s still 90 degrees. The dog days of summer are here and they’re hot and miserable. Your best friend is ice cream and a good day is defined by your car’s air conditioner keeping you from melting into your leather seats. You’ve heard Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer” for the 7th time today and nothing says Holidays like 100% humidity.

The Holiday Season is coming?

Ah yes, not just for Australians. The summer season is when companies must start planning for the biggest shopping and consumer spending time of the year. Brands and media buyers have less than four months to put into place strategy/creative/budget plans that make or break their fiscal year. It’s time to bring the “A” game campaign–and that means leveraging the tools and technologies that ensure your brand stands out from the pack and gets the strongest ROI.

Contextually relevant ad targeting – the gift that gives back

Activate a new approach to Holiday advertising by leveraging the intent-based nature of YouTube. Your brand can surround the holidays on a platform with 2B consumers this season by utilizing VuePlanner® technology to target the most relevant content for your products. Our team will work with you to build custom collections focused on holiday specific themes, competitor conquesting, sales events, in market, and more. You can better reach those “leaning in” on holiday purchasing by aligning your messaging to their content searches.

Leverage curated, relevant YouTube video holiday collections built with VuePlanner®

  • Gift Guides
  • DIY “Home for the Holidays”/Entertaining
  • Holiday Classics From Film and TV
  • Seasonal Recipes + More!

You’re investing a lot into your holiday campaigns – from top of the line creative to massive budgeting.  Don’t let it all fall flat by pushing it into the crowd during the busiest ad season of the year. Like Santa with his list ‘naughty or nice,’ our experts know the good placements for your content and the coal-ridden spots to avoid. And like Santa with his elves, we’ll hold down the workshop and take care of all the tedious details while you deliver the goods.

One more Santa simile? OK! Like Santa with his magical sleigh and bag of gifts, with VuePlanner® we can deliver the right ad, to the right person, at the right time – at scale.

PLUS! Expand Reach Through Connected TV

Shift traditional TV spending over to a high growth channel with expansive reach. Deliver targeted ads to YouTube content in a large screen, CTV environment. Showcase your brand in living rooms across the country for positive brand alignment— that drives sales–during the happiest time of year.

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AND LOCK IN RATES TODAY! Take advantage of early planning benefits before seasonal inventory increases.