We are just over three weeks away from the largest sports event of the summer, the Women’s World Cup. Women representing 24 countries will gather in France this June to determine which country will reign supreme as the greatest soccer power in the world. People from all over the globe will be tuning in to this event cheering for their favorite athletes and country.  2015 reached over 750 million fans worldwide, while over 1.2 million fans attended in person. In the past four years interest in women’s sports, especially soccer, has steadily increased –leading this to be the most anticipated installment of the event’s 28-year history. Attendance and viewership records are expected to be smashed.

Intrigue has also driven revenues up across the board. This year’s winner’s purse is the most lucrative ever at $4 million. But if a team wants to collect it, they are going to have to go through Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, Kelley O’Hara and the rest of the defending champion Team USA.

This is a hot event, something that brands will want to be associated with. Giant Media’s YouTube, Instream, Outstream and Connected TV video advertising solutions can deliver targeted, contextually relevant campaigns that effectively align your brand to real-time coverage of this remarkable event.

Think of the millions of young girls with dreams of stepping onto the pitch one day, YouTubing their favorite players. Think of the soccer fans (4 billion of them!!!!) and how much they will be engaging during the month of June across various platforms and devices. With our VuePlanner technology’s forecasting tool you can even build out a sample campaign and see a projection of how many YouTube views your ad will generate. It’s a golden opportunity, like a last second penalty shot in a tie game.

Aligning your brand with an event that empowers women also returns goodwill. Adidas has already made noise by announcing that they will be paying their male and female athletes the same bonuses moving forward. Supporting equal pay for men and women isn’t just morally right, it’s brand savvy.

The UEFA Champions League Final is just two weeks away and that will begin a six-week long news cycle covering ‘the beautiful game.’ Wouldn’t it be great to own that entire cycle? Make this World Cup event as successful for your brand as those rock star athletes wearing red, white and blue will. GO TEAM USA!

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