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Why Brands Should Take Risks With Sponsored Content


We are no longer in an era where the value of content for brands is questionable. The need is so great that every big digital publisher has its own team or partnership dedicated to creating it. The question isn’t whether brands need content; these days, the more important question is, How does that content rise [...]

Why Brands Should Take Risks With Sponsored Content2019-04-12T15:32:41-06:00

Native Ads Becoming Core Strategy


“We’ve been tracking a shift in ad-buying behavior where native advertising is moving from an experimental strategy to more of a core strategy,” Giant Media’s VP of Operations Ben Arnold said. “It’s clear that the brands that have tried native advertising were pleased with the results, which is why they’re increasing their spends, and this [...]

Native Ads Becoming Core Strategy2019-04-12T15:33:33-06:00

Fool Me Twice? Go Native Before It Goes Social!


Do you remember back just a few years ago when it was much easier to advertise effectively on the social networks? You know, the time before everyone and their brother found out they could self-serve Facebook ads for their mom and pop business? This year may very well be your last chance to capture that [...]

Fool Me Twice? Go Native Before It Goes Social!2019-04-12T15:35:34-06:00