You may have heard: cookies are dead. No, not delicious cookies like Girl Scout cookies or a soft snickerdoodle fresh from the oven; the internet tracking cookie is dead. Well, almost. But surely they will soon be a thing of the past–a relic technology from the age before increased privacy regulations.

Problem: What are marketers to do now?

Solution: Move from cookies, to content

At Giant Media, we provide our clients with 100% content-centric contextual targeting. We’ve been off cookies since before everyone went Keto.  Or, in more serious terms, we help advertisers reach the right customer, at the right time, without violating privacy regulations. No PII is collected. Instead, we use employ proprietary algorithms to extract page content and sentiment to identify the best placements for each campaign. The result is placement level targeting to curated lists of relevant content (which we provide transparency into, pre buy).

So how does our URL-targeting solution work?

  1. Cognitive Layer

We use machine learning algorithms to scan all potential ad placements to determine keyword, concept, and sentiment fit down to the unique content URL. This goes far beyond keywords to include identifying phrases, understanding concepts, measuring +/- sentiment, delivering proprietary quality scoring and more.

  1. Manual Curation

We integrate a human review stage into our advanced technology and automation process to ensure optimal execution.

  1. Video-Level Transparency

We give insight into “contextual metadata” of each video – titles, categories, metrics. We’re looking at video signals that no one else is.

Now is the time to move from cookies to content, and not just because laws are changing. Research shows a 40% increase in brand in brand favorability when ads are targeted to contextually relevant videos. Content targeting has been and will continue to be the most effective way to provide an impactful consumer experience.

To learn more about how Giant Media can bring the power of URL-level targeting to your brand, contact us today.