One misnomer of creating effective online video is that the content needs to fit nicely in a 30-second box. What if a brand wants to create more compelling content to get their message across? Sometimes we have a lot to say! Good storytelling takes time. Don Draper didn’t let a :30-second cap stand in the way of his Glo-Coat masterpiece. Long form video, when strategically placed, can provide additional opportunities to enhance awareness, brand affinity, and purchase intent.

So, let’s talk about that “strategically placed” caveat.

At Giant Media we drive performance of long form video through content targeting to a variety of high-impact, contextually relevant, brand suitable environments. As with our management of campaigns featuring creative of shorter lengths, we utilize our proprietary machine learning technology to achieve our client KPIs and do so at the same efficient CPV rates offered for :30-seconds and less length ads.

Long form video on YouTube

For campaigns running on YouTube, your video can be any length. We then provide (with full transparency down to the individual URL) the inventory we’ve identified as most relevant to the content of your messaging. Alignment of your long form ad to the video content it’s delivered against drives engaged views because you’re speaking to an audience already in a similar mindset.  As an additional branding opportunity, optional banner ads are included with placement. At Giant Media, we been able to deliver 30% view through rates on long form content placements on YouTube and 40%+ on YouTube Connected TV placements.

Long form video on Outstream

On the Outstream channel, again your ad can be any length but this time you get all of the benefits of our outstream unit as well. Long form video ads run in native, contextually relevant environments within exclusive, stand-alone units that include branded top banner integration throughout the video and full-screen end cards to reinforce messaging and provide clear CTAs. These are true user-first viewing experiences where your long form content enhances, rather than detracts, from the audience experience—blurring the lines between what is and what isn’t page content.

On a macro level, consumers are training themselves to watch longer content, even on mobile. 54% of smartphone viewers video viewing time is now spent on content that is over 20 minutes in length; a 29% increase since 2016. Snack-able content no longer seems to be compulsory. Furthermore, marketers have found long form to be more engaging than short form. On a 30 second ad, 2/3 of viewers drop off after roughly 10 seconds. With long form, it took 39 seconds for 2/3 of viewers to drop off.

It’s the age of the educated consumer and many will freely take more time to learn what your brand has to say, if you’re taking the time to say it. Give long form video campaigns a try and let Giant Media ensure your content is reaching the right audience, at the right time.