It’s an exhausted sentiment at this point in the progress of digital marketing strategy to stress the importance of data.  It’s an obvious element of driving successful campaigns to measure performance and optimize based on analysis of results. Discussing why data-driven approaches are essential is the easy part, however. Actually having the resources available to develop and interpret reporting is oftentimes far more complex. At Giant Media, we partner with our clients to ensure they have full visibility and transparency into our performance throughout the campaign lifecycle. Actually, we provide our insights before you’re even our client.

Better Understand Your YouTube Ad Campaign Results

YouTube TrueView campaigns offer a tremendous opportunity to reach and engage an intent-based audience of over 2B consumers. If you’re up and running on the platform, you understand the value offered. (If you’re not yet up and running there, let’s talk.) But as with any tool of this magnitude, opportunity to reap even more impactful benefits is possible with attention to how use can be optimized. The most effective campaigns are those that leverage available reporting to optimize planning from one activation to the next. At Giant Media, our team of YouTube specialists utilize our proprietary VuePlanner® technology to provide clients with visual reports that enable them to better analyze campaign results and more effectively apply key learnings.

Want us to build one for you?

It’s super easy and there is no associated fee or commitment. Just send us a recent YouTube campaign placement report— we’ll analyze and visualize the insights to show you:

  • Spend by category (what % reached each topic?)
  • Spend by channel (which channels were utilized the most?)
  • Channel insights (what’s behind each channel? [subscribers; videos per week; avg. length; most viewed; most liked; most commented; most common terms word cloud; similar channels; and more!]

These results will be emailed to you when they’re ready and we will also include free access to our online dashboard within VuePlanner® where you can access your customized report plus a connection to our NEW Channel Insights Tool for additional data about the content your campaign ran against.

VuePlanner® is the industry leading tool to deliver YouTube advertising in a brand-suitable, contextual environment. Take it for a spin to see just some of the value-added features provided that make it the best way to leverage the full power of YouTube.