Have you ever stayed at a hotel? Perhaps had some professional cleaners fix up your apartment? Brought in landscapers to take your yard to a new level—and keep it that way? It’s nice, right? Of course we are all capable of keeping things tidy, but when other people do it, it’s just… better. How about purchasing or selling a home? Doing your taxes? Getting your car fixed. Some things are just best left to those with a specialized focus in just that area. We apply this logic to our personal lives; why don’t we always follow suit with our professional lives? The good old “If you want it done right, do it yourself” mantra just isn’t as wise when it comes to maximizing efficiency and getting the best results.

At Giant Media, we know you are more than capable of running your own ad campaign–we just believe we can deliver better performance. Let’s dive into Giant Media’s industry leading Managed Services, which we will evaluate on a two-pronged approach: Dedicated Account Management and Curated Insights.

Dedicated Account Management

The entire genesis of Giant Media’s managed service is that we provide you access to an account team, spearheaded by your dedicated Account Manager (AM). You will have constant support from your AM as well as an expert ad operations team with knowledge and insights from thousands of successful campaigns.

Your account team will also develop collaborative strategies and recommendations before, during, and post campaign with full transparency throughout into targeting and placements. On top of that, your team will execute proactive and continuous campaign monitoring and optimizations as well as manage all necessary communication and troubleshooting with Google, for your YouTube campaigns. In-flight and post campaign reporting includes geo, device, audience and demo—always in your preferred format.

Curated Insights

Our consistent delivery of curated insights is a huge aspect of our differentiated services. We enable data-driven decisions that lead to positive campaign performance because our team proactively analyzes every detail of customer campaigns to build out reports that inform optimizations. You’ll see actionable insights and analysis with forward-looking recommendations based trend insights, placement scanner data (YouTube), channel insights (YouTube) and our unique Insights Report tool. We’re even willing to give you a sneak peak of the kinds of insights we can provide. Just send us a YouTube campaign placement report and we’ll build you a visual report showing: spend by category (what % reached each topic?), spend by channel (which channels were utilized the most?), and channel insights (what’s behind each channel? [subscribers; videos per week; avg. length; most viewed; most liked; most commented; most common terms word cloud; similar channels; and more!]).

In short, our team is ready to support your success and things are always better when people are doing them for you. Kick back, relax, and let the experts handle it.

To learn more about managed services from Giant Media, contact us today.