Pop quiz!

Which of these would be a great environment to advertise a car brand within?

a) An article about the 2020 Presidential campaign on a political blog

b) A listicle of the top 10 travel photos from 2018 on a travel site

c) A buyer’s guide to choosing a new car published on a lifestyle site

d) A review of the remake of The Lion King on a parenting site

Did you answer C? Good. You didn’t overthink it. Advertising a car within an article about the new car market makes sense. It’s contextual; it blurs the lines on what content is sponsored and what isn’t. Most importantly, it’s intent-based—the ad has been targeted to those actually interested in buying a new car.

Contextual Outstream Video Advertising provides an immersive native experience for the consumer, and Giant Media does it best. We place your video ad within content on publisher sites that we’ve already vetted to be brand safe. The ad is placed at an optimal point down the page and then we target it to make sure the content or article it runs with is contextually relevant.

Sounds great right? It gets better!

Our custom and interactive video units for Outstream include top and bottom banners for branding and clickable components for calls to action. We even thought of a side scroll feature that can keep you compliant while delivering legal disclaimer language, when required (think: pharma ads).

Giant Media Outstream is positioned to help you drive engagement with user-first viewing experiences and unique functionality aligned to premium content, sourced and placed by a dedicated team of specialists. The backbone of our Outstream solution really boils down four key components.

A user-first viewing experience

Outstream ads are 100% user-initiated with scroll to initiate, click to play, and hover for sound in contextually relevant editorial environments.

Interactive unit development

Custom units provide for opportunity to showcase multiple content pieces at once to drive further brand engagement and sales.

Native placement

Video ads designed for seamless immersion within content, blurring the lines between what is an ad and what is content.

Exclusive stand-alone video units

Generation/creative development of branded top banner integration for duration of video and full screen end card to reinforce messaging and provide CTA.

30-second event billing

Our CPV is based on post 30-second mark views for maximum cost efficiency and opportunity for incremental, value added exposure.

Now picture this, we’re returning to our pop quiz from the opening.

Which of these would be the best way to advertise a car?

a) Billboard

b) Print ad

c) Radio ad

d) Native video advertising on a brand safe platform running within contextual, related content with custom banners and calls to action that link directly to more information for that car (think: Build + Price).

Again, don’t overthink it. This test is easy, and the team at Giant Media is ready to help you apply what you’ve learned to get more out of your video advertising campaigns.

Contact us today to learn more about our Outstream capabilities.