There’s hardly a shortage of reasons brands should be using infographics, videos and photos as part of their content strategy. The statistics about how users consume visual content in comparison to text are staggering. To summarize, the average person doesn’t spend much time on any given Web page, and they’re able to process imagery much, much faster than they are the written word. Because of this, content with compelling visuals can generate up to 90 percent more views and 37 percent more engagement.

Statistics show that with so many words, I have likely already lost your attention in the time it took you to read the above paragraph. So allow me show you the value of visual content using an infographic instead. How meta, right?

It’s true that there is still great value in the written word — people do still consume articles, branded or not. But in the scheme of your brand’s content strategy, it would be a missed opportunity to not include some visual content as a part of the mix. Whether that content is video, slide shows, GIFs, infographics or memes all depends on the story you’re trying to tell about your product. Make sure the format fits the story instead of the other way around.