Superior Video Advertising

Delivering More Relevant and Immersive Brand Engagement

Outstream is a Better User Experience

It’s all about the user, and unlike pre-roll and other traditional advertising, we don’t use force to show our ads. Our proprietary outstream video experience is contextually relevant and 100% user friendly. Here’s why outstream video advertising is superior:

Unobtrusive Ads

55% of users rank pre-roll as the most annoying ad format. Why? Because they force an ad on the user. Outstream ads don’t run in front of content so the user watches what they want, when they want.

Guaranteed Viewability

Ad bots are a growing problem for most digital advertisers. In fact, half of video ads are never seen by humans. Our proprietary ad units deliver guaranteed views because they only play when in view of the user.

Ad Blocking is Irrelevant

Nearly 1/3 of Americans are using ad blockers to avoid traditional digital advertisements. Because the ad IS the content, native ads like outstream aren’t blocked.

A Turn-Key Approach to Outstream Video

Giant Media is the leader in premium video distribution for advertisers, delivering more relevant and immersive brand engagement through a superior user experience.

Video Distribution

Advanced Targeting

In-Campaign Optimization

In-House Content Marketing


Cross Platform Reach

Enabling Publishers to Provide a More Relevant and User-Friendly Ad Engagement

Deliver high quality outstream video and branded content on your website via integrated ad placements that feature Fortune 1000 brands. Our proprietary units are easy to implement and provide maximum performance through a superior user experience.

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