Data is giving time a run for its money because of its ability to deliver more revenue-building value thanks to the injection of science into the equation. Now, data science is essentially helping brands and publishers generate more revenue than ever before with insights that deliver the specific strategy for what will maximize the return.

Enter data science that is fueled by the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Companies like MediaRadar, which works with more than 1,400 publishers, realize that this combination of technologies can help track and evaluate ads in such a way that their clients can access the necessary insights and target their pitches for better results.

Giant Media, a premium video distributor who made a name for itself by putting out the first Dollar Shave Club video that quickly went viral, uses this data science provider on a strategic and tactical level. John Cobb, CEO of Giant Media, explains, “Strategically, we know what brands and agencies are working together and what type of media they are putting money behind. Tactically, our team can conduct prospect research on a brand or agency that we may be talking to or trying to get a meeting with. Overall, we have a better understanding of our market and can more easily personalize our sales approach.”

The media company has derived some giant results from applying data science to their process. Giant Media have contacted more than 10,000 people at brands and agencies across the country based on the insights they have received from the data science platform. In New York, they identified more than 500 brands to target, with 118 fitting their profile that they would not have been able to compile – or even find – so quickly.

Excerpt from Forbes Article published on April 7, about data science and how it benefits publishers and brands.

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