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Announcing our Upcoming Webinar in Partnership with Adweek

September 25, 2018

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Join us on October 9th as we host a webinar with Adweek!

Our very own, Bruce Budkofsky, VP, partnerships at Giant Media and leading efforts with VuePlanner, our pre-buy planning tool for YouTube, will be leading the webinar entitled:

Maximize Your YouTube Advertising: Better Planning Improves ROI

Advertisers are expected to spend just shy of $30 billion on online video this year – an increase of nearly 28 percent year-over-year, according to recent research by WARC and its global ad trends report. It is a whopping number that demonstrates the rapidly growing opportunity to reach target audiences through the time-tested impact of sight, sound and motion across digital channels.

Leading the pack when it comes to where brands are spending dollars is YouTube. Twenty percent of online video advertising is spent at YouTube. While YouTube’s market share has remained steady over the past few years, according to stats from Statista, it has solidified itself at the top of the mountain for online video advertising.

It is easy to plug-and-play YouTube into your online video plan, but how do you, truly maximize your advertising on the platform? It begins with new planning techniques and understanding YouTube itself, from the true nature of its environment, not to mention the challenges it faces and, subsequently, so do you.

So how do you get the most out of YouTube and improve your brand’s ROI? Register today for our webinar with Adweek to learn new strategies. Hope to see you there.