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Outstream Video

Current Video Ad landscape

US digital video ad spending is predicted to reach $28.08 billion in 2020. Additionally, nearly 75% of media buyers will move spend out of TV and into digital video this year.


Ad appears before content can be seen


The ad is the content, and appears in contextually related article


Ad appears in general social news feed

Where We Fit

Giant Media is at the cross section of video and native advertising. We specialize in outstream video which produces the highest quality views and engagement. Our ad environments run on contextually relevant publishers across the web. We offer multiple, customizable and proprietary ad units that blend in with their surroundings and the content is not forced on the user. The user opts-in to watch the content because they are genuinely interested. This is the audience we can deliver.


Why Giant Media

Outstream Video Delivery

Native Content Delivery

Advanced Targeting built on IBM Watson Alchemy

Premium Publisher Network – Programmatic and Direct

Customizable Ad Units

Rich Media (HTML5) Banner Engagement and End Slides

In-Campaign Optimization

Content Marketing – Influencer Activations

In-House Content Creation

Flexible Pricing – CPCV, vCPM, CPV, etc.

User Experience Matters


Over half of users rank pre-roll as the most annoying ad format. why? because they force an ad on the user. Out stream ads don’t run in front of content so the user watches what they want, when they want.


90% of people skip pre-roll ads appearing ahead of online video and TV content


Nearly 1/3 of americans are using ad blockers to avoid traditional digital advertisements. because the ad is the content, native ads aren’t blocked.

Giant Media for Advertisers

The top brands in the world trust Giant Media to distribute their content and maximize their campaign performance. Does your brand value user experience?


Giant Media for Publishers

If you care about user experience and giving your audience the best, Giant’s outstream video units can help take your site to the next level.